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Attorney General Office Awards 4.5 Million

The Attorney General's Office Awards 4.5 million to Yavapai, Mohave, and Coconino counties to help terminate opioid addiction of those in the justice system. 

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Prescott Valley Police Department Taking Down Drugs

Prescott Valley Police Department is cracking down on drugs in the Prescott Valley area. Making over 70 drug-related arrests in the past five months. 

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Updated Polls For AZ

Here are the tallies of votes this morning as of 6 AM.

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Voting Results Delay

Due to unforeseen issues with employees getting covid. Getting our voting results have been slower than normal. Find out more here on THE NEWS KYCA. 

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Road Work on Stone Ridge Dr.

Chip seal work on Stone Ridge Drive. Expect delays.

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Owner of Alternative Pest and Termite Control Tragically Passed Away

Denis Hancock sadly passed due to an accident that occurred while he was working on his roof.

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Sparklight is Giving Away Money to Good Teachers!

Sparklight is awarding 1500 dollars to 10 teachers. Listen and find out how to nominate your favorite teachers.

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Road Work Delays

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2 Run Away's Escape From Prescott Valley Group Home

Two juveniles have run away from a Prescott Valley group home. If you have any information, please contact the Prescott Police Department.

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Voting is a mess in Benewah County

Ballets are running out, and Pens are being stolen! Benewah county has a serious election problem. Candidates and county officials are both frustrated and embarrassed about the mess that was their mid-term election.

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More Rain on its Way

More rain is on its way to Yavapai County. If you haven't made plans for flooding, now is the time. 

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Brittney Griner gets sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison.

This morning the Russian courts sentenced Brittney Griner to 9 and a half years in prison for having Cannabis infused vape cartridges in her luggage. More here on THE NEWS. 

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Prescott Police Prepare for New School Year

The new school year is almost here, and the Prescott Police Department is looking at how to keep students and teachers safe from acts of violence. 

After the Uvalde Police Department was criticized for its lack of action during the school shooting there, Prescott Deputy Police Chief Jon Brambila says:

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City Council Approves Next Phases for Granite Dells

Making sure open space in the Granite Dells Estates is actual open space was a concern Prescott City Councilman Eric Moore expressed at Tuesday’s council meeting.

During discussion on the master plan for phases six, seven, and eight of the project, Moore had this exchange with City Planner George Worley:

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Drop in New COVID-19 Cases for Yavapai County

Yavapai County saw a decline in new COVID-19 cases over the past week.

Community Health Services Spokesman Nick McGlynn-Moore tells the NEWS:

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Small Recruiting Class for ERAU Baseball

Only a handful of recruits are coming to Embry-Riddle for the 2023 season.

KYCA Sports Director John Rust has the story:

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ERAU Softball Player Recognized for School Work

The Cal Pac Conference's best player is also one of the country's best scholar-athletes.

KYCA Sports Director John Rust has the story:

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BMHS Football Schedule

A long road trip kicks off Bradshaw Mountain's 2022 season.

KYCA Sports Director John Rust has the story:

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City Council Approves Procedure to Replace Former Councilwoman Hall

The Prescott City Council Tuesday made its decision on the procedure and timeline to fill the seat of former City Councilwoman Jessica Hall.

KYCA's Marty Meyers has the story:

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Fight or Flight in School Emergency

One option school officials are considering for students and teachers during an emergency is fighting back.

KYCA's John Rust has the story:

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Prescott Police Department warns about potential Facebook marketplace scams

Selling stuff online can be a great way to make some extra cash. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other sites attract many buyers — and scammers.

A common scam is the fake check overpayment scam. The scammer offers to give you a check for more than the selling price. They tell you to deposit the check and send the difference back to them.

The check is fake, but if you deposit it, it’ll appear in your account balance. That’s because banks must make your money available quickly, usually within two days.

When a bank says the check cleared, that doesn’t mean it was a good check. It can take weeks for the bank to figure out the check was fake. By then, the scammer has the item you sold and the money you sent back. And the bank takes the money from the fake check out of your account.

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Wendy's Employee Allegedly Assaults Customer, Puts Him in Hospital

An employee of the Wendy’s in Prescott Valley was arrested for assaulting a customer. According to police, the incident occurred Tuesday. The employee, 35-year-old Antoine Kendrick, came around the counter to confront a customer who complained about his order. Kendrick allegedly punched the man, who fell to the floor and struck his head. The customer, a 67-year-old Dewey man, lost consciousness. He was treated at the scene by paramedics and flown to a Phoenix area hospital, where he is listed in criticaal condition. Kendrick is charged with aggravated assault.

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Fain Park Foot Bridge Closed

The foot bridge at Fain Park in Prescott Valley is closed to the public after significant flash flooding on Monday washed a large amount of debris from Lynx and Rose Creeks over it. With the continued threat of rain and flash flooding in the forecast, town staff will wait until the forecast clears and the flood risk subsides before they begin cleanup operations. The Town advises the public to please be cautious when visiting Fain Lake during the Monsoon, as dangerous flash flooding may occur.

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Samples Drawn from all City Wells

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has finished taking samples from all city-operated wells in Prescott. This comes after contaminents were found in two city wells near the Prescott Regional Airport. It should take six to eight weeks for results to come back. Mayor Phil Goode, City Manager Michael Lamar, and Public Works staff held an initial meeting with ADEQ Liaison Morgan O’Connor to discuss priorities and next steps.  City staff will meet with the full ADEQ team again in early August. ADEQ is providing guidance as the City begins to plan for PFAS remediation.

Following the initial meeting with ADEQ, Mayor Goode said, “The quality and safety of our drinking water is of the utmost importance to me and our entire City leadership and staff.   We will continue to work with the ADEQ and engineering firms to identify and implement a program to remove the chemicals from City water as quickly and effectively as possible.”

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Amazon Scam Hits Prescott Area

Many people in the Prescott area are getting texts from Amazon, saying that you placed an order for some expensive product. The text also reads if you did not place this order, to call the number provided. This is a scam. Amazon does not text or call you about such orders. If you do receive this kind of text from Amazon, do not respond to the message and do not call any number provided. Contact your local law enforcement agency about this scam. As a precaution, check the order page on your Amazon account to make sure there are no suspicious purchases. Police also report that a similar scam involving Apple products is occurring in the Prescott area.

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Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

With heavy rain predicted over the next few days for the Tri-City area, Yavapai County Emergency Management wants you to be prepared in case you’re caught in a thunderstorm while driving. First, do not attempt to cross flooded roadways. Also, obey all detour and road closure signs, especially at low water crossings. If you have difficulty seeing during heavy rain, pull over and turn off your lights until the rain lightens up.

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Yavapai County Names New Recorder

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors has selected a new county recorder. At a special meeting Monday, the board chose Michelle Burchill to replace Leslie Hoffman, who announced her resignation from the position earlier this month. Burchill had been serving as Elections Manager. After her swearing in ceremony, Burchill said, “I am honored and thrilled to be appointed to the position of Yavapai County Recorder. The citizens of Yavapai County can be assured this office will continue to operate with efficiency and integrity.  I look forward to interactions with the public and hope they can join us on our Follow Your Ballot Tours which will be available after the November election.”

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YCSO Investigates Shooting in Verde Villages

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office is questioning three people in connection with a shooting in the Verde Villages. YCSO officials say the incident occurred Monday morning around 5:15. Multiple 911 calls were received concerning gunshots in the area of Canyon Trail and Mountain View Road. SWAT was called to the scene, and three persons of interest were found. There is no word on the reason for the shooting, and the investigation is continuing.

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Prescott Area Gets Drenched

Yavapai County got hammered by rain Monday. According to the County Flood Control District, Prescott Gateway Mall received nearly three inches of rain. Watson Lake got three-quarters of an inch of rain. Prescott Country Club had 0.67 inches. Lynx Lake received 0.63 inches. Willow Lake and Yarnell both got more than a half-inch of rain. Goldwater Lake had under a half-inch of rain. Prescott Heights and White Spar Campground both received 0.39 inches. Fain Lake had 0.35 inches. Prescott Valley received more than a quarter-inch of rain. Downtown Prescott and Cordes Junction both got 0.20 inches. Mingus Mountain received 0.16 inches, and Chino Valley and Mayer both got 0.08 inches of rain. Another soggy day is in store for the Prescott area for Tuesday as the National Weather Service is calling for a 90-percent chance of thunderstorms.

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Yavapai County Under Flood Watch

Heavy rains are expected for the Tri-City area Monday and Tuesday. Because of this, the National Weather Service has issued a flood watch until 5 a.m. Wednesday. Residents can prepare for any flooding by obtaining free sandbags from your local fire stations or at the Yavapai County Public Works building on Commerce Drive in Prescott. While the sandbags are free, you do have to fill them yourself. Also, do not drive through low water crossings that are flooded as you could become stranded or your vehicle could be washed away. Other precautions you can take include knowing where the nearest high ground to your home is located, and keeping any important documents in a water proof container.

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Microsealing Begins on Viewpoint Drive

The Town of Prescott Valley began its microseal project today on Viewpoint Drive and Superstition Drive. Motorists in these areas can expect road closures and detours throughout the work zone. Residents should be aware that the slurry seal takes four to five hours to cure before normal driving can resume. Microsealing helps extend the life of the roadway.

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Prescott National Forest Lowers Fire Danger

All the rain Yavapai County has gotten over the past week has helped reduce the chance for a wildfire in the Prescott National Forest. The current fire danger in the national forest is moderate. There are no fire restrictions in the forest, but National Forest officials urge everyone to exercise caution. Make sure all campfires are completely extinguished and cool to the touch before leaving them. Also, make sure there are no chains dragging from your vehicle as they can throw sparks and start a wildfire, and do not throw cigarettes out your vehicle window.

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Drought Remains the Same in Yavapai County

Even with the recent rain, there is no change in Yavapai County’s drought conditions from last week. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the eastern half of the county is in moderate drought, while the western half of Yavapai is in severe drought. The northwestern corner of Yavapai County is in extreme drought. Three-quarters of the state is in either severe drought or extreme drought. Because of the current drought conditions in Yavapai County, the fire danger in the Prescott National Forest is moderate.

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Salmonella Found In the Chocolate!

Salmonella was found in the world's largest chocolate factory this last week. The Barry Callebaut Factory in Wieze, Belgian, was shut down after a Salmonella test of the chocolate returned positive. The Barry Callebaut Factory supplies some of the world's largest chocolate distributors, such as Hershey's and Nestle. Spokesmen of the company Korneel Warlop had this to say "All products manufactured since the test have been blocked; Barry Callebaut is currently contacting all customers who may have received contaminated products. Chocolate production in Wieze remains suspended until further notice.". At this moment, Salmonella-infected products are still on-site at the Barry Callebaut factory, and the factory will not be re-opened until all Salmonella is disposed of.