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Fresh Start for Yavapai College Women's Soccer

**Prescott, AZ - August 11, 2023** - With a renewed roster comprising 19 freshmen and a handful of transfers, Yavapai College's women's soccer team approaches the upcoming season as if it's a fresh beginning, reminiscent of their inaugural year. This marks a significant shift in their third year since establishment.

Coach Rosie DUIs acknowledges the team's revitalized dynamic, stating, "That's what we've said. Kit and I have said that over and over again that it feels like our first year when we had a primarily freshman class that we're just having to create some, helping our players understand some of the standards and processes in order to be successful and something that we didn't have to do last year because we had primarily a sophomore heavy class, but we're starting over a little bit, but we're in a good place and I feel like we're starting at a higher base than we did, certainly in our first year. So I'm excited."

The team's enthusiasm for the fresh start is palpable, and their hard work will be put to the test when they face off against Park University in a scrimmage at home tomorrow, August 12, at 5 p.m. The official season opener is scheduled for August 17, as they take on the College of Southern Nevada in another home game.

After just two seasons, Yavapai College's women's soccer team has made impressive strides, and their commitment to growth and development ensures an exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned for updates on their progress throughout the season.

*Reporting for the news on 1490, this is John Rust.*

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