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PV Town Council Passes Economic Inventive Package

Prescott Valley, AZ - August 11, 2023 - The Prescott Valley Town Council has taken a significant step towards bolstering its economic landscape by endorsing an incentive program aimed at enticing more supermarkets and industrial enterprises to establish roots in the town. This decision underscores the council's commitment to fostering economic growth and diversification.

Cutter Chamberlain, the Economic Development Administrator, confirmed the council's approval of the program during their Thursday session. He noted that certain modifications were made to the program's language to ensure precision and effectiveness.

"I conducted thorough research into the precise definition of a supermarket versus a convenience store," Chamberlain explained. "After careful consideration, we opted for the term 'grocery/supermarket' to accurately encapsulate our intended scope. We have accordingly made amendments to the program's resolution to reflect this change. Additionally, we decided to omit the allocation of funds for job training and employee training."

The strategic adjustment to the program's language serves to align it more closely with the town's objectives of attracting comprehensive grocery and supermarket enterprises. Furthermore, the removal of the job training and employee training component underscores the council's focus on other aspects of incentivizing growth.

The Prescott Valley Town Council's endorsement of this incentive program signifies their proactive approach to fostering economic vitality and creating a conducive environment for diverse businesses to flourish.

For more information, visit the official Prescott Valley Town Council website.

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