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Reloaded Prescott Boys Golf Team Expects Much Success in 2023

Prescott, AZ - August 11, 2023** - Despite a considerable influx of new talent, the Prescott boys golf team is poised to embark on a promising journey this season. Head Coach Dan Oster exudes unwavering confidence in the team's potential, affirming their readiness for a triumphant campaign in 2023.

"Even with so many new players on the roster," Coach Oster asserts, "we are well-equipped for a successful season in 2023. We boast an exceptional team. This year, we have approximately eight players who have competed at a high level over the past year. Our top five players are shaping up to be not only formidable but could easily rank among the top three teams in the state."

Senior Espin Dolo echoes the prevailing optimism, sharing, "I believe we present ourselves as a strong, cohesive unit. Each team member's performance has been impressive, setting the stage for an enjoyable season ahead. Our consistency has improved significantly. Unlike last year when we grappled with maintaining steady performance, this year, every player has elevated their game. Additionally, we are introducing some talented junior players, including Jonathan."

Jonathan, a junior team member, emphasizes the team's remarkable unity, stating, "Our camaraderie is exceptional. We genuinely care for one another and thrive on mutual support. Whether it's daily practice, friendly conversations, or lifting each other's spirits, our chemistry is exceptional."

The Badgers are brimming with anticipation as they gear up for their season opener, scheduled for next Tuesday, hosted at home against Lee Williams. Armed with fresh talent and a strengthened team spirit, the players are eager to carve their path to success in the upcoming season.

*Reporting for the news on 1490, I'm John Rust.*

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