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Work Underway on Viewpoint Drive

Prescott Valley, AZ - August 11, 2023 - Efforts to enhance the infrastructure of Viewpoint Drive in Prescott Valley are currently in progress, as the town pursues improvements aimed at optimizing transportation and accessibility. Mayor Kell Palguta shared details of the ongoing project, emphasizing the importance of patience in achieving quality roadworks.

Mayor Palguta acknowledged the ongoing improvements during a conversation with the NEWS, stating, "Yes, Viewpoint Drive is currently undergoing enhancements. We are working on expanding the road's capacity by incorporating additional lanes. Additionally, we are implementing walking paths that will be situated south of Manly and north of Long Look. The project is anticipated to take approximately another three months to complete. It's crucial for residents to understand that the development of quality roadways is a gradual process."

These improvements underscore the town's commitment to providing safe and efficient transportation options for its residents. By extending road capacity and integrating pedestrian-friendly features, Prescott Valley aims to create a well-rounded and accessible thoroughfare for the community.

As the enhancements to Viewpoint Drive continue, residents are encouraged to remain patient, recognizing that the path to well-constructed roadways requires dedicated effort and time.

For additional information and updates, please visit Prescott Valley's official website

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