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Chino Valley Council Rejects Proposal for New Apartment Complex

    Traffic Concerns Prompted Denial of 21-Acre rezone at intersection of North Road One East and Red Cinder Road to make way for the apartment complex.

    The Chino Valley Town Council has turned down a request to rezone 21 acres located at the intersection of North Road One East and Red Cinder Road, following apprehensions regarding traffic issues. The proposed rezoning aimed to pave the way for the construction of a new apartment complex in the area. The decision came during a council meeting on Tuesday.

    During the meeting, councilwoman Annie Perkins and Frank Marbury, the town public works director, had a discussion. Marbury expressed his observations concerning the traffic situation, stating, "I spend quite a bit of time down Red Cinder. Ok. So, I take One East, hang a right on Red Cinder, a blind turn where the subject properties are supposed to be. And the natural flow of traffic exiting to the south is three north, exiting to the north is four north. So, Three North is not capable of fitting two car lanes. Any plans or ideas about how we're going to address that aspect of the traffic impact?"

    Marbury suggested analyzing the traffic impact on Three North to evaluate the additional traffic that the proposed development would bring. He proposed a proportional assessment of the impact, particularly in relation to the anticipated scale of the development. "I don't think there's an issue with improvements," Marbury said, "but let's say it's up to 18 lots. So, if we consider 18 as the number, that would amount to approximately 180 trips per day, assuming a benchmark of 10 trips per day, which is the standard used for designing traffic flow for single-family homes, accounting for deliveries and other factors."

    The council ultimately voted against the plan for the apartment complex with a majority of 6-1.

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