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On February 9, 2023, at approximately 4:30 P.M Prescott Police was contacted by Las Vegas Metro Police Department F.B.I.Criminal Apprehension Team in reference to information leading them to believe that a fugitive with a warrant for attempted homicide was currently in the Prescott area. Specifically, we were provided with information that the suspect was wanted for a shooting incident that occurred in Clark County, Las Vegas the day prior.Additional information provided indicated that the suspect may be located at a hotel in the 200 block of South Cortez St.

With this information, personnel were able to locate the suspect vehicle in the area backed into a parking space. The Prescott Police Department SWAT Team was called to handle the apprehension of the suspect.

As the SWAT Team was arriving in the area, we received information that the suspect had a female with him. Additional information provided by Investigators from the FBI Criminal Apprehension Team stated that the female had texted family members advising that she was in fear of her life and that she was possibly being held against her will.

Soon thereafter, the suspect, along with the female, were seen leaving the hotel and entering his vehicle. A vehicle blocking intervention was attempted at the intersection of Gurley Street and Granite Street but proved unsuccessful as the suspect was able to force his way around and turn north onto Granite Street, sideswiping an unmarked police vehicle in the process.

The suspect drove at a high rate of speed north into the 300 block of North Granite Street where he encountered a dead end. The suspect attempted to turn around and drive back south on Granite Street and in the process drove into a police vehicle, which was being operated with lights and sirens. The suspect continued to attempt leave the area south on Granite Street. The suspect accelerated driving directly towards another police vehicle which was also operating with lights and sirens. The suspect rammed the front of the second police vehicle causing significant damage to both vehicles.

The female passenger was able to exit the vehicle out the passenger side door and was quickly escorted away from the vehicle by SWAT officers. The suspect attempted to flee out of the passenger side of the vehicle as wellbut was quickly apprehended by SWAT members. The female was examined by EMS personnel for any possible injuries and later released.

The suspect was identified as 38-year-old Nevada resident, Anibal Delgado Jr. Delgado was medically cleared for any injuries and later transported to the Yavapai County Jail where he was booked on numerous Felony charges related to this apprehensionas well as the Felony Warrant out of Nevada.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured by the suspect’s actions during this incident.

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