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Financial Reports Released for Prescott City Council Race


Candidate financial reports for City of Prescott elections for the first quarter have been released.

Running unopposed for the office of mayor, current Mayor Phil Goode’s committee reported a balance of $3,613.65 from his previous reporting period. He has raised $3,250 in the first quarter of this election cycle, and had $2,003.38 in disbursements, leaving a balance of $4,860.28.

Two candidates are running for the 2-year term for city council. Current City Councilwoman Connie Cantelme had no previous balance as she had not run for the chair that she currently occupies. Cantelme reports $0 received and $0 spent on her campaign, leaving a blalnce of $0.

Candidate Tony Hamer’s 1st quarter financial reports shows that he has raised $1,478.08 and has had $0 disbiursements.

Three, 4-year term city council seats are open, with 4 candidates vying for them.

Current City Councilmember Cathey Rusing began with a balance of $5,350.75 from the last reporting period. Her committee stated she received $3,590.22 in contributions while spending $999.95, leaving her with a balance of $7,941.02.

Candidate Chadwick DeVries reported receiving $7,521.40 in the first quarter and spending $2,885, leaving a balance total of $4,735.52.

The committee of another candidate, Lois Fruwirth, says they’ve received $7,364.48 and have spent $1,776.04, leaving a balance of $5,478.11 at the end of the first quarter.

Ted Gambogi, also running for one of the 4-year city council seats in prescott, has reported taking in $1,005 with $0 spent on his campaign. His balance at the close of the reporting period is $1,005.

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