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  The Prescott Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Traffic Committee has reached a decision to enhance pedestrian safety in the vicinity of Gail Gardner Way and Ruth Street. According to Committee Chairman Bill Fanelli, the committee has endorsed a proposal aimed at improving safety conditions in the area.

    The proposal, presented by Traffic Manager Ian Mattingly, introduces an augmented crosswalk treatment. Alongside the conventional pavement striping, additional markings will be implemented to warn drivers approaching Gale Gardner Way of an upcoming crosswalk at Black Drive, situated towards the rear of Walmart. Additions include distinctive striping intended to alert motorists in advance.

     The project encompasses the installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacons, a new specification adopted by the city. These flashing beacons, will be positioned beneath yield signs, are designed to attract attention and enhance visibility, even during daylight hours. The upgraded safety features are expected to significantly enhance the overall pedestrian safety in the area.

The decision was made following a vote by the Prescott Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Traffic Committee during its recent meeting.

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