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High Rain Totals for Several Areas of Yavapai County


A lot of rain fell across Yavapai County Wednesday. According to the County Flood Control District, White Spar Campground received more than an inch-and-a-half of rain. Black Canyon City got under an inch-and-a-half of rain. Yarnell had 1.42 inches. Goldwater Lake received an inch-and-a-quarter of rain. Lynx Lake got 1.06 inches. Prescott Heights had just over an inch of rain. Bagdad received just under an inch of rain. Thumb Butte and Outer Loop Road both got 0.94 inches. Sedona had 0.83 inches. Downtown Prescott, Mingus Mountain, and Mayer all received 0.79 inches. Cottonwood got 0.55 inches. Watson Lake and Willow Lake both had just over half-an-inch of rain. Prescott Valley received 0.43 inches, and Chino Valley got 0.39 inches of rain. There is a 20-percent chance of rain today for the Prescott area.

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