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Prescott Area Congressman Eli Crane Rips Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas


Prescott area Congressman Eli Crane did not mince words when he addressed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a committee hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday. When it came to the high number of illegal border crossings along the U.S./Mexico border, Crane said to Mayorkas,  “If they were in this room right now, the heads of these cartels, you know what they’d tell us? They’d say, ‘hey, re-elect these guys again and by all means keep that guy right in his seat because he’s our MVP. He’s making it so easy for us to smuggle drugs, smuggle people, get gangs into this country, distract our border patrol agents, and at the same time, destroy the U.S. economy.’ So you’re not doing a good job, sir.” 

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