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The Prescott Regional Airport will host an airport emergency exercise in coordination with Prescott Fire Department, Prescott Police Department, local mutual aid and secondary response agencies on October 16th. Due to the nature of the exercise, the exact time of the exercise will not be released.

The purpose of the exercise is:

1. To comply with airport certification requirements associated with commercial air carrier service.

2. To provide necessary hands-on training for primary and secondary emergency responders and medical providers, such as Dignity Health Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

3. To test and evaluate emergency personnel, equipment, and methods/procedures; and to identify potential future revisions to the Airport Emergency Plan.

This exercise will entail a simulated aircraft accident involving multiple casualties. The scenario will involve the rescue, treatment, and transportation of victims through the coordinated efforts of multiple emergency response agencies. Several emergency vehicles will be in the airport area during this exercise, but access to the passenger terminal will not be impacted.

Due to safety and security concerns, attendance is restricted.

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