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The world's largest earthquake drill, a.k.a. "The Great Shakeout" is set for Thursday at 10:19 Arizona time.


The Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management is encouraging individuals, families, and businesses throughout the county to participate.

Ashley Ahlquist, Yavapai County's Emergency Manager, expressed her full endorsement of the program, stating, "These programs are important; they not only raise awareness about earthquake preparedness but also encourage individuals, families, and communities to practice what to do when we have an earthquake. While it may seem straightforward, physically rehearsing these actions helps establish muscle memory, enabling you to respond swiftly and safely during a real event."

While Yavapai County experiences less frequent and severe earthquakes compared to neighboring regions, the presence of fault lines underscores the need for preparedness. A recent 3.8 magnitude earthquake in Chino Valley serves as a reminder of this potential threat. The Big Chino Fault can generate a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, posing a significant risk to the area. It's also important to acknowledge that earthquakes in nearby states can impact Arizona.

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