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Toddler and Dog Found Safe in Cordes Lakes


Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Cordes Lakes Monday evening regarding a child found outside alone.  A deputy who was off-duty and home volunteered to take the case because all on-duty deputies were tied up. A 2-year-old was found wandering on Cedar Drive by a local resident. The deputy and a Mayer Fire Department crew happened to arrive at the scene the same time as the toddler’s parents. They said the toddler let himself out of the house by climbing on top of a dog crate, unlocked three locks on the crate door, and then opened it. The dog then left the home with the toddler. 

The parents went out to search for him. Not far from their home, the dog ran up to them and then ran off again, leading them to the boy. After medical assessment, it was determined the toddler was a little cold, but in good health. 

Deputies worked with the toddler’s parents by discussing additional options for securing their doors.

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