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Yavapai County Still Has Several Hundred Ballots to Count


Ballots are still being counted by the Yavapai County Recorder’s Office. As of Saturday, there were 750 ballots that still had to be tabulated. These include provisional ballots and some mail-in ballots whose signatures need to be verified. One race this could impact is for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board. According to the latest results, in the race for the two four-year seats, Stan Goligoski has 13,927 votes, Jane Robertson 12,965 votes, Michele Hahmer 11,913 votes, Andy Nelson 10,425 votes, and Brooks Compton 8,736 votes. In the race for the two-year seat, Linda Conn leads with 15,505 votes to Sarah Vincent’s 14,373 votes.

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