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Yavapai County Sheriff's Deputies responded to an  initial report of a stabbing at the Cordes Lakes Market in Cordes Lakes Sunday. According to YCSO, a heavily intoxicated man who had a visible laceration under his eye claimed to have been stabbed by a member of the Mexican Mafia. He was transported from the Market to Yavapai Regional Medical Center  prior to the arrival of deputies.

Deputies had responded to the victim’s trailer earlier in the day after the man reported a similar story to YCSO. At that time, a small pocketknife was found with trace amounts of blood, and the homeowner of the property with the trailer was interviewed. She stated that a Mexican man had come to her door to tell her that the victim had fallen out of his trailer, but she did not check on him because she knew he was intoxicated.

Deputies returned to the trailer after the Cordes Lake Market call and spoke to another person who said she had a verbal altercation with the victim earlier that day, where she pushed him, causing him to fall.

Monday morning, deputies reinterviewed the woman, who admitted that after she pushed the victim, he pulled out a knife and charged at her. She claimed to have hit him across the face with it, causing him to fall, but that she had not reported the incident to law enforcement.

The case remains under investigation.

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