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YRMC, Blue Cross Blue Shield Negotiations End Without Resolution


After many days of negitiations, Yavapai Regional Medical Center - Dignity Helth and Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield could not reach a resolution to keep the hospital in the insurance provider's network.

Dr. Anthony Torres President and CEO at Dignity Health YRMC, said, "For many months, YRMC has been negotiating with BCBSAZ in an effort to protect access to health care services for thousands of patients. As a not-for-profit health care organization, we rely on reimbursement from health plans to sustain essential medical care and community benefits. Unfortunately, BCBSAZ has been unwilling to agree to a new contract that would put patients and our community first. We are disappointed that our efforts to engage in constructive, collaborative and transparent conversations with bcbsaz to reach a fair and timely agreement have not been reciprocated. Our most recent

offer made significant concessions and was well below our own inflation. BCBSAZ rejected it without even making a counter proposal. At this point, they don’t seem committed to reaching an agreement. As a result, YRMC and BCBSAZ have not been able to come to a mutual agreement. YRMC is no longer considered part of the BCBSAZ network. Yavapai Regional Medical Group outpatient clinic services will remain in-network for patients who are members of BCBSAZ. We know how important this is to our community. We committed to working around the clock to reach an agreement. Unfortunately, BCBSAZ has not shown that same urgency or commitment, or a willingness to compromise. As a result, costs will now be shifted by BCBSAZ to patients in the form of out-of-pocket costs and deductibles.”

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